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I'm an English native speaker copywriter and translator.

I create marketing content for companies in the DACH region to help them win global customers and employees.




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English Native Speaker Copywriter

English Native Speaker Copywriter

Create marketing copy for your website, brochure or social media quickly and easily. Provide an outline (in German) of the required text and receive polished English content, customised to your target audience.

English Native Speaker Translator

English Native Speaker Translator

Convince your prospects and customers with marketing copy translated by an English native speaker copywriter. Ensure that your message is accurately conveyed from German to English.

English Business Storytelling

English Business Storytelling

Compelling storytelling engages your readers and convinces them to take action. Attract new staff using storytelling in Employer Branding and win new customers using storytelling in your sales campaigns.

Wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bedanken. Mit unserem Projekt standen wir zeitlich sehr unter Druck. Lynn ist spontan eingesprungen und hat unseren Text zu unserer vollen Zufriedenheit übersetzt – einerseits natürlich zuverlässig, schnell und korrekt und andererseits hat sie vor allem den Geist des Textes erfasst und bewahrt. Wir sind zu 100 % zufrieden und können Lynn jedem weiter empfehlen.

Besonders beindruckt haben uns ihre hervorragenden rhetorischen und stilistischen Fähigkeiten, die sie zu einer exzellenten Authorin machen, die brillante Texte vom Storytelling über einen Blogbeitrag bis hin zum Social Media Post verfasst.

CEO  Software Company, Germany

Lynn hat für mich einen Teil meiner Webseite geschrieben. Wir hatten ein super sympathisches kurzes Telefonat auf Deutsch, in dem Sie auf meine Vorstellungen eingegangen ist, aber auch ihr Marketing Wissen genutzt hat um den Inhalt verkaufend darzustellen. Freundlich, verständlich und erfahren! Ich würde sie jederzeit für weitere Texte buchen.

Simone Kassam

I contacted Lynn because I’ve been meaning to start a blog for ages using the tidbits of information I pick up to help my clients.  Unfortunately, it always gets shoved to the bottom of the to-do list.  So when I read that Lynn could help me, I decided to go for it.

I wasn’t entirely sure how it would work but Lynn assured me that she could take the bits and pieces that I’d already put together, along with the various articles I had noted with more information and make it into something coherent.

Well, she delivered!  What’s more, during our initial discussion, she helped me find other ideas for blog posts to link into the original one.

I will definitely be using Lynn’s services again in the future!

Lynsey Baxter  All About You
Lynsey Baxter


I love to discover the special thing that makes you or your organisation different. Why should clients choose you over your competitors?

What is your very individual story, that makes your clients trust you? Let me help you step into the limelight.

German C2 

While I don’t offer my copywriting services in German, I understand both text and tone in written German and speak the language fluently (even with a light regional accent!)

Sales & Marketing

I have many years experience of working in sales and marketing, both in retail and in B2B.

I understand your questions regarding topics such as lead generation and management, messaging and content marketing.

When we start working on a text, my first questions are, ‘Who is your target audience? What is your key message? What do you want the reader to do next?’

I write texts that move the reader to take action.

Writing Skills 

I write engaging and persuasive copy which explains even complex topics in easy-to-understand English.

The target audience may be native US or UK speakers, or non-native speakers. They’ll always understand my texts.

Cross-Cultural Experience

After living and working in several European countries, with colleagues & friends from different cultural backgrounds, I’m accustomed to tailoring the message to suit the audience.

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