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I'm an English native speaker copywriter and translator.

I create English marketing content for German companies to help them win global customers and employees.


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English Native Speaker Copywriter

English Native Speaker Copywriter

Create marketing copy for your website, brochure or social media quickly and easily. Provide an outline (in German) of the required text and receive polished English content, customised to your target audience.
English Native Speaker Translator

English Native Speaker Translator

Convince your prospects and customers with marketing copy translated by an English native speaker copywriter. Ensure that your message is accurately conveyed from German to English.
English Business Storytelling

English Business Storytelling

Compelling storytelling engages your readers and convinces them to take action. Attract new staff using storytelling in Employer Branding and win new customers using storytelling in your sales campaigns.


What my customers say

I've been working with Lynn for several months. She created various marketing texts, e.g. blog posts and an email campaign. I highly appreciate the outstanding quality of her copywriting, alongside her experience and reliability.

Susanne Kandler, Marketing @ Ephesoft

Reliable, competent and flexible: Lynn has the ability to translate texts that accurately convey our message and she is always willing to incorporate modifications. Working on projects with her is a pleasure.

Marketing @ Yaveon

I have found Ms. Nothegger to be an extremely competent and passionate translator and copywriter and I am already looking forward to further excellent cooperation in future collaborative projects!

Michael Müllneritsch @ Aracuba

We were under a lot of time pressure with our project. Lynn agreed to help at short notice and translated our text to our complete satisfaction - on the one hand, as expected, reliably, quickly and correctly but she also captured and preserved the spirit of the text. We are 100% satisfied and can heartily recommend Lynn to others.

Marketing @ WVV Mobilitätsbereich

We were particularly impressed by her outstanding rhetorical and stylistic skills. Lynn is an excellent writer who creates outstanding content - from storytelling to blog posts to social media posts.

CEO @ Software Hersteller


I love to discover the special thing that makes you or your organisation different. Why should clients choose you over your competitors?

What is your very individual story, that makes your clients trust you? Let me help you step into the limelight.


German C2

While I only offer my copywriting services in English, I am fluent in German and understand even the nuances of the language.

Sales & Marketing

I’m experienced in sales and marketing, both in B2C and in B2B.

I understand your questions about topics such as lead generation, lead management, messaging, and content marketing.

When I start working on a text for you, my first questions are, “Who is your target audience,? What is your core message? What should the reader do next?”

I write texts that motivate the reader to take action.

Writing Skills

I write engaging and persuasive copy which explains even complex topics in easy-to-understand English.

The target audience may be native US or UK speakers, or non-native speakers. They’ll always understand my texts.

Cross-Cultural Experience

Having lived and worked in several European countries, and with colleagues and friends from different cultural backgrounds, I am accustomed to tailoring my texts to the target audience.

Sometimes I write About Writing

Is ‚Home Office‘ Denglish?

For obvious reasons, I’ve been thinking about the term ‚Home Office‘ recently. Everyone is working in Home Office. But did you know that, like the words ‚handy‘ and ‚beamer‘, these aren’t Leihwörter from English? Home Office is DENGLISH! What is Denglish? And with...

Kann Online-Marketing Messen während Corona ersetzen?

Von der Absage von Messen aufgrund der Coronavirus-Restriktionen sind Unternehmen in der DACH-Region besonders betroffen. Sie sind einfach einer der wichtigsten Kanäle für Unternehmen, um neue Kunden zu gewinnen. Laut einer Umfrage des Bundesverband Industrie...

Common mistakes in English translation : Convince yourself

When I look at websites of German companies, I can generally tell if the English version was written by a native speaker. One of the most common mistakes made by Germans when writing in English is the use of reflexive pronouns. Convince yourself of the benefits of our...

Is ‘Home Office’ Denglish?

For obvious reasons, I've been thinking about the term 'Home Office' recently. Everyone is working in Home Office. But did you know that, like the words 'handy' and 'beamer', these aren't Leihwörter from English? Home Office is DENGLISH! And with this, I start a new...

Buzzword Bingo and Non-Native English Speakers

Perhaps you've read this word somewhere and are wondering about the meaning of 'Buzzword'. It is a word or phrase, often jargon, that is used at a certain time, or in a certain context. This morning, I was thinking about this when I read a blog post in which the...

How to find readers for your B2B blog in English

You've decided you need an English B2B blog and you've already decided on your target audience and your content strategy. Now it's on to the next stage. How do you find readers for your English B2B Blog? Here are some things to consider. Sharing your B2B Blog How are...

How to find a Copywriter for English and German

My computer pings as an email pops up in my inbox. A list of job advertisements from LinkedIn. ‘Gesucht: Texter, deutsch/english’. I am tempted to reply to one of these ads. Not to apply for a job, but to advise them not to waste their time with their search. Here's...

5 tips for successful LinkedIn networking in English

You'd like to use LinkedIn for networking in English but you are a bit worried about your English skills? As the Germans say 'Kein Meister ist vom Himmel gefallen*'. There's no shame in not being perfect, but a lot of us still find it challenging to write in a foreign...

How Brexit can help German SMBs recruit a highly skilled English-speaking workforce

Did you know that around 80 000 Germans work in the UK? Many of these people have been there for decades, have steady jobs, homes and families in Britain. Some will stay in the UK after Brexit, apply for Settled Status or even for British Citizenship.  Other Germans...

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