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Copywriting is the art of writing compelling texts that persuade your customer to take action – to purchase your product or service, or to get in touch with you.

Writing convincing copy in your native language is challenging enough. Creating content in a foreign language is incredibly difficult.

Imagine being able to give a short outline of what you wish to convey to your customers — in German, naturally — and then receiving sparkling and persuasive text in English for your website, brochure or social media channels.


Translation from German into English by a native English speaker. It makes all the difference. 

We all know that literally translating German into English isn’t the yellow of the egg. It’s important to capture the tone of the text, find alternative wording for idioms, and make the copy sound natural to an English speaker.

And most importantly, a good translation conveys your message without its persuasive power.


People have used stories to communicate for centuries. The reason we know so much about the lives of our ancestors is that they told stories. Gathered around the campfire, clan elders would tell the tales of past battles and brave warriors.

The love of stories didn’t go away when we stopped gathering around the fire. Stories are still an incredibly effective way of communicating, and not only in leisure time.  Corporate storytelling is a way of communicating with the people in and around your company.

Your customers and clients, your employees and your shareholders. Instead of bombarding people with data, presentations and graphs, tell them a story.

What my customers say

I've been working with Lynn for several months. She created various marketing texts, e.g. blog posts and an email campaign. I highly appreciate the outstanding quality of her copywriting, alongside her experience and reliability.

Susanne Kandler, Marketing @ Ephesoft

Reliable, competent and flexible: Lynn has the ability to translate texts that accurately convey our message and she is always willing to incorporate modifications. Working on projects with her is a pleasure.

Marketing @ Yaveon

I have found Ms. Nothegger to be an extremely competent and passionate translator and copywriter and I am already looking forward to further excellent cooperation in future collaborative projects!

Michael Müllneritsch @ Aracuba

We were under a lot of time pressure with our project. Lynn agreed to help at short notice and translated our text to our complete satisfaction - on the one hand, as expected, reliably, quickly and correctly but she also captured and preserved the spirit of the text. We are 100% satisfied and can heartily recommend Lynn to others.

Marketing @ WVV Mobilitätsbereich

We were particularly impressed by her outstanding rhetorical and stylistic skills. Lynn is an excellent writer who creates outstanding content - from storytelling to blog posts to social media posts.

CEO @ Software Hersteller

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