English HR SErvices 

For All Your English-Speaking Recruitment Needs


From English Interviews to Employer Branding



 You want to recruit staff from outwith Germany and your HR team needs support with assessing English-speaking candidates. Beginning with the initial assessment of suitability for the position, initial phone interview, right through to on-site interviews with your Recruitment Manager and Department Supervisors, I provide support and advice as and when you need it.

Your HR team is beginning an Employer Branding project with the goal of increasing international recruitment. Whether you need original copywriting or German to English translation, I provide the services you need to stand out in a crowded field. 

You wish to provide non-German employees with a working contract or an employee handbook in English? I provide translation services from German to English. 

Comprehensive English HR Services

International Employer Branding

Together with your HR and Marketing team, I establish your global employer brand and recruit top international employees.

Interviews in English

Assessment of the language skills of English-speaking candidate, and their suitability for the advertised position.

International Recruitment

Does your HR team need support with international recruitment? I provide assistance for all your English HR challenges.

Contract Translation

Translation services for employment contracts from German into English.

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