Executive Ghostwriting


Your ideas.

My words.

Your success.

Why do You Need an Executive Ghostwriter?


A thought-leader is a person who is recognised as an authority in a specialised field. They’ve established themselves as an expert and influence others through their writing or presentations. Thought-leaders tend to be the most successful people in their company and industry.

You have the knowledge, the insights and the experience to be a thought-leader in your industry but you don’t have the time or the English language skills to express yourself. 

As an English native speaker and experienced Ghostwriter, I take your ideas and create inspirational and insightful articles to increase your visibility and boost your career. 

Where do You Want to Reach People?

LinkedIn Updates

Share your thoughts with your connections around the world.



Make a good first impression on a new contact.

LinkedIn Articles

Share deeper insights via a longer article, complete with images.



Your personal blog or a guest blog post to widen your reach. 

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How Does it Work? 

From initial contact to completed text

1. Initial Call

In a short call, we discuss your requirements (in German).

2. Draft

You receive the first draft for approval. 

3. Final Text

You receive the final text.